Many Reasons to smile

Dr. Ahmed Zaky

Orthodontic Consultant

PhD in Orthodontics

Master's Degree in Orthodontics

 "Everything you can imagine is real." Pablo Picasso

Orthodontic Consultant

-PhD in Orthodontics

-Master's Degree in Orthodontics

-Member of the World Federation of Orthodontics

-Member of the Egyptian Orthodontic Society

-Member of the Australian Dental Board

-Lecturer of Orthodontics Ain Shams University, Cairo.Egypt


Dr. Hanan Wadie

Cosmetics Dentistry 

"Let Your Smile Change The World ..But Don't Let The World Change Your Smile"


Dr. Fadi Elbashir

Dental Surgery & Cosmetic Dentistry 

"Share Your Smile With The World .Its A Symbol Of friendship and Peace."

                                                 Christie Brinkley


Dr. Madgi Leon


- Former Head of Prosthetic Department In Zayed Military Hospital.

-Fellow of International Team of Implantologists  (ITI ) Switzerland. 

- DDS In Prosthtodontic.

"Making the world a better place , one Smile at a Time "

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