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Dr. Hanan Wadie

Cosmetic Dentist

Cosmetics Dentistry 

"Let Your Smile Change The World ..But Don't Let The World Change Your Smile"


My Name is Dr Hanan Wadie, I grow up in Alexandria Egypt and I obtained a bachelor degree in dentistry from Alexandria University 1985.

I have a wide experience in practicing dentistry for 32 years in both Government sector for over 20 years before I moved to private sector 12 years ago

I'm experienced in cosmetics dentistry, I enjoy beautifying teeth to make it look better.

My husband is a consultant emergency physician and I have 3 awesome children 2 girls’ pharmacist and one boy who is studying medicine in the US. I love my family and you as a patient in Hakeem will be treated as a family member , apart from my dental work , interior  designing and art is my passion , I enjoy portraits and art pieces .